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Extras Turn Mundane into Extraordinary

Posted by paragonpools on August 16, 2012 at 3:00 PM

In my latest article for WAVES magazine- India's pool, spa and bath publication, I discuss how to take a design to the next level.

The terms basic, generic, and ordinary are not part of my vernacular when designing a pool or spa. My philosophy is to create an environment the homeowner can’t live without, thus I look to the extras, the finishing touches, and the accessories to create an extraordinary signature design. 

A qualified design team will collaborate with the homeowner to conceive a plan to complement their personal tastes and lifestyle resulting in a seamless flow from the interior and exterior environments.

There are an infinite number of options for a unique, one-of-a-kind space, but the key is selecting the appropriate mix and balance into a single dramatic entity rather than a collage of individual pieces.  

On this particular project, Paragon Pools teamed up with a well-respected luxury real estate broker and interior designer, Tanni Luke.  The goal was to create a venue for a high-profile homeowner to entertain their family and friends as well as a show piece for potential clients.

The result,an award winning AquaTekture entitled “Earth Elements” is a celebration of color and textures. The vision was to create multiple quaint, intimate entertaining spaces utilizing a Feng Shui inspired environment with fire,water, pebbles, planting and other natural elements within a limited space. Multiple elevations were incorporated to add depth and dimension to the setting.

And, making the most of the space,design elements were strategically placed to provide intriguing views from the various sitting areas. Large poolside lounging rocks are fashioned with solid colored custom cushions. The setting is completed by adding a mix of desert and tropical foliage.  In addition, the large covered patio area provides shaded cover for the outdoor dining setting, a walk up indoor-outdoor bar, a regulation size pool table and a large screen TV.

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