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An alternative to GOOD, FAST, CHEAP

Posted on March 2, 2014 at 5:35 PM


The traditional project model GOOD, FAST & CHEAP states one can only achieve two of the three! The dilemma with this model is to select which two you prefer- because achieving all three are impossible.  In business, this has become an acceptable standard.    

However, I don’t recommend this model when building a pool, but rather suggest an alternate version; QUALITY, TIMELY & VALUE.

This is a more optimum triad when it comes to custom design and construction, one where it is possible to achieve all three components; a model where each element complements and preserves the others… rather than excludes one.

QUALITY – Quality construction, equipment, and service can only be achieved thru builders who are trained professionals, incorporating the proper products & services at a competitive price. While, Quality maybe subjective to each individual. You maybe giving up long-term quality when you sign with a builder who prices a project below the market standard- you open yourself up to be a victim!

TIMELY – A Timely construction project is one that is performed within an optimal time frame to ensure each phase is completed properly. The professional builder’s goal is to complete a project that they are proud to showcase.  Timeline schedules can change for any number of reasons, many of which the builder has no control of including delays from inspections, product shipments and weather. Delays of a few weeks are irrelevant compared to the years of enjoyment from a well-built project. Don’t rush the process!

VALUE – The Value proposition is receiving a well-built pool from a professional builder that meets the highest construction standards for a fair price.  A pool of Value will provide years and yearsof enjoyment. If you are looking to purchase a cheap pool; that is exactly what you will get- cheap quality, cheap construction, and cheap service with lots of headaches down the road.  

Why settle for only two!  Look for a professional builder to achieve the Quality, Timely & Value model!



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