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PRIVACY WALLS Function. Form. Focal-Point

Posted on October 11, 2014 at 3:30 PM

Privacy Walls - Function, Form & Focal Point

Privacy Walls can be more than a barrier between your property and the neighbors; it can be functional, create form and/or become a focal point. A talented designer can take an otherwise lifeless and unattractive background and transform it into an inspiring and attention-grabbing work of art. #aquatekture




• It can be a sound barrier, silencing offensive noises from ac compressors, pool equipment, or traffic.


• It can hide unsightly equipment or unattractive vistas.




• It can add elevation and dimension to an otherwise bland landscape.


• It can enhance the existing architecture of the home and exterior design by incorporating complimentary colors and textured finishes.




• It can be the structure to house accent features such as fire and water, or my signature WetFlame© (combination water and fire element).


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