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Step Into Swim, with support from founding partner Every Child A Swimmer, is an initiative of the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance committed to creating more swimmers.

With Olympic medalist Rowdy Gaines at the helm, Step Into Swim has invested in the next generation of swimmers and supports learn-to-swim programs that provide children (and their families) of all ages and backgrounds with the lifesaving skill of learning to swim. Step Into Swim helps extend a safe and healthy pool experience to underserved communities through free access to swimming lessons. 

Since 2012, Step Into Swim has funded swimming lessons for more than 285,000 children across the country and continues to make an impact where it matters. We play an active role in sparking confidence in the water and empowering children to believe they can do anything -- because they can! As a leader in the aquatics industry, we prioritize pool, hot tub, spa and water safety.

Our mission is to create more swimmers. By investing in the next generation of swimmers through learn-to-swim programming in underserved communities, the Step Into Swim initiative - with support from Every Child A Swimmer - works to instill confidence; empower long-term participation in water activities; tout the positive benefits of water play; and advocate for safe practices in and around the water. 

Olympic Gold Medalist Swimmer Rowdy Gaines 

Float Like A Duck /Paragon Pools received the 2022 Step Into Swim Grant from the PHTA. 

100% of the grant funds were presented to the YMCA of SN's Safety Around Water Program, registering 94 youths between the ages of 3-12 in the free Summer 2022 swim program.  

Float Like A Duck/Paragon Pools received the 2021 Step Into Swim Grant from the PHTA. 

100% of the grant funds were presented to the YMCA for Safety Around Water and Lifeguard Train to Work programing, registering 70 youths in the free SAW classes and 22 teens in the free Lifeguard Train to Work classes.


Step into Swim - SAW Class Summer 2021

Step Into Swim - SAW Class Fall 2021

Step Into Swim - Train to Work Spring 2022