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Water Safety Tips


A Member of the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance, Paragon Pools is proud to be an active participant in the National Water Safety Month campaign.

National Water Safety Month is an annual awareness campaign coordinated by the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance with support from the American Red Cross, National Recreation and Park Association and World Waterpark Association.

The following are a series of water safety tips to share with friends, family, associates and students.

Float Like A Duck™ releases a series of on-line video PSAs to promote Water Safety as part of National Water Safety Month. 

Each of the PSAs provides important safety tips on a specific “water centric” environment. Our goal is to educate families on steps they can take to keep their loved ones safe by bringing attention to situations and provide them with a pro-active safety tip to ensure a safe and fun lifestyle.

“Water safety encompasses all types of water-related environments not just the pool, therefore each year we brainstorm on how we can share the water safety message in different capacities,” states Joseph Vassallo, CBP president of Paragon Pools and founder of Float Like A Duck. “The PSA’s target situations and/or elements that adults may not consider to be a vulnerable setting for their child.”

Water Safety Tip PSA series:

  • Pool Safety Includes Layers of Barriers – PSA stresses the importance of barriers,                                                                                             noting that doggie doors are an often-overlooked access point to the backyard pool.
  • Family Outing Water Safety Tips – PSA stresses 6 safety tips for a family outing.
  • Open Waters Water Safety Tips – PSA highlights safety tips for activities in open waters.
  • Home Water Safety Tips - PSA identifies 12 Safety Tips for one’s home.
  • Flowing Waterways – PSA highlights flowing waterways and the alure it can have on children.